Fans’ Designs

During recent weeks, several Shrewsbury Town supporters have endeavoured to create viable alternatives to the current clip art lion.

Their efforts demonstrate that – with a bit of creativity – it is very possible to produce a badge which possesses obvious links to the club’s identity and the town of Shrewsbury itself.

While some of these badges may appear a little amateurish, it is worth bearing in mind that they have been designed by non-professionals and are still infinitely superior to the club’s current logo. Given a little professional tweaking, perhaps one of these conceptual ideas could soon adorn the hallowed shirt of Shrewsbury Town Football Club. It would certainly be an improvement!

We salute the below designers, whose names can be seen if you hover the cursor over each crest.

Do you fancy a crack at designing a Shrewsbury Town badge? Feel free to submit your attempt via


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